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Winners of twelve Telly award winning WoodsMaster, Cave Cooking and Urban Master video series!

Give the gift of survival! Our award winning instructional DVD's are the best of their kind and are used throughout the world to teach everyone from military, boy scouts, college and elementary school students, to emergency first responders and more!  Our DVD's are not only the BEST in the business, but they are FUN to watch and the information in them is accurate - not like some bad/dangerous Youtube clips that are out there.  We ARE the GO TO professionals in this industry.  Your survival is safe with us!

Ron and Karen Hood

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"Crafts for the Field (Part 2 !!)
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Home of the Award Winning Woodsmaster,
Cave Cooking and UrbanMaster DVD's!!!!
AND Survival Quarterly Magazine!

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Let Survival.com help you in all your survival and  self-reliance needs!

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