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Get Prepared - 2 DVD Package

Get Prepared 2 DVD Package
Name: Get Prepared 2 DVD Package
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"Get Prepared Package"
On Sale for limited time!
FREE S&H to US Destinations Only.
Don't know which DVD to start with? 
Now we've made that easy for you........
Get these 2 DVD's and over 4 hours of in-depth instruction in this amazing DVD package from the Telly Award winning World Leaders in Wilderness and Urban Survival DVD Instruction:
Do you wonder what kind of quality our DVD's are?  After viewing these DVD's you'll see why we have won 12 Telly awards for our productions.  They are not only informative, but FUN to watch!  Yes.... FUN TO WATCH!!!  After viewing these, you WILL come away with life-saving essential information that you can not get anywhere else...
These DVD's are each double features.  They are over 2 hours each.  The information in them will give you the essentials for surviving disasters in the wilderness as well as in an urban environment.
These DVD's are compilations of DVD taken from 10 of our most popular titles. 
These are just some of the information you will learn:
  • Preparing your home
  • Food Storage Basics
  • Copy Canning
  • Preparing for the "Big Mistake"
  • Safety tips for ladies
  • Learn how to set up a family disaster plan
  • Sanitation
  • Water
  • Skills Away from Home
  • Shelter
  • Firemaking
  • Traps
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Daytime and Nighttime Direction Finding
  • Making a Compass
  • Mini Kit
  • Maxi Kit
  • Trash Bag Uses
  • Heat Loss Mechanisms
  • Cattails and Usage
  • The Chakra
  • The Apache Star
  • The Sling
  • Improvised Fish Spear
  • Improvised Arrows
  • Arrow Shafts
  • Tracking Basics
  • The Tracking Pit
  • The Figure 4 trap
  • Setting up the Trap......
And so much more, we don't have room to list. 
You NEED this information.  You WANT this information and for a limited time......
We are offering this 2 DVD package for $24.95 with FREE shipping (limited time and to USA and Canada Only)
This DVD set will not be offered at this low price for much longer... order yours today and get prepared...
For those of you who already have our Survival Basics 1&2 DVD and want to purchase the Advanced Survival DVD by itself - please go to our Product Category DVD and order it from the Woodsmaster DVD List there. Thanks!


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