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SQ ALL 16 Gift Set (USA)

SQ ALL 16 Gift Set (USA)
Name: SQ ALL 16 Gift Set (USA)
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Only for the next 13 days

Survival Quarterly 16 Magazine Gift Set
with FREE SQ Morale Patch
AND FREE S&H to USA Destinations

Limited time: $20 off regular price AND get a FREE SQ T-shirt! (size XL or XXL) (we will email you to ask you size once order is placed.)

This is the most comprehensive set of literature on the subject available. 
These titles all have corresponding DVD's you can purchase from our DVD section to compliment eachother.
You can't go anywhere else and get this type of instruction and knowledge unless you take time off from work and travel.

You get all these titles and a FREE Survival Quarterly Patch with every order for the entire set of magazines!

What you get:
Issue 1 - Meet the Hoods
Issue 2 - Shelter
Issue 3 -Survival Kits
Issue 4 - Urban Survival
Issue 5 - Tribute to Ron Hood
Issue 6 - Navigation Plus
Issue 7 - Traps & Trapping
Issue 8 - Weapons: Primitive & Modern
Issue 9 - Jungle & Winter: The Two Extremes
Issue 10 - Tracking: Man & Animal
Issue 11 - Primitive & Modern Knife & Toolmaking (Part 1)
Issue 12 - Primitive & Modern Knife & Toolmaking (Part 2)
Issue 13 - Family Camping
Issue 14 - Survival Camping
Issue 15 - Crafts for the Field (Part 1)
Issue 16 - Crafts for the Field (Part 2)


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