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Hood/CRKT HCK1 (Hood Camp Knife)

Hood/CRKT HCK1  (Hood Camp Knife)
Name: Hood/CRKT HCK1 (Hood Camp Knife)
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Hood/CRKT HCK1  (Hood Camp Knife) Hood/CRKT HCK1  (Hood Camp Knife)

Designed by Karen Hood
100% Made In USA


HCK1?: Hood Camp Knife 1... "The knife you can use in your kitchen and that you CAN'T leave home without".... good for the kitchen whether at home or in the wilderness.  This blade will do 99% of your camp chores whether it's preparing food or building a shelter!***
*** not recommended for batoning.

MSRP $295..

This knife was born to make boss beef stew at base camp. Whether you're in spike camp or waiting for the weather to break before heading off to summit a ridiculously tall peak, the HCK1 Hood Camp Knife will keep your camp kitchen rolling.

Made from a solid billet of 1095 high carbon steel, the HCK1 has a flat grind and durable clear Cerakote coating that will keep you cutting backstraps for years. The handle scales are linen micarta and give a confident grip. The custom sheath is made in the USA from 6/7 oz. full grained leather. The leather is vegetable tanned and will not corrode metal. It is hand oiled for durability and beauty, then locked stitched with heavy weight nylon thread. The sheath fits belts with widths up to 2.5 inches. It includes a small pouch for carrying salt and pepper, firesteel, tinder or other essentials.

Handles are removable to reduce weight and are easy to wrap with paracord if that's what you fancy!!!

Made in the USA


Open Overall Length 11.31 inches
Weight 8.2 ounces

Length 6.13 inches
Thickness .13 inches
Material 1095 High Carbon Steel
Blade-HRC 56-58
Finish Sandblast with Cerakote
Grind Flat Grind
Style Drop Point
Edge Plain edge

Material Linen Micarta

Carry System Leather Sheath
Weight 4.9 ounces


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