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Survival Clips (10 pack)

Survival Clips (10 pack)
Name: Survival Clips (10 pack)
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Survival Clips (10 pack)

New Item!!! 

With a Million Uses!!

Get a 10 Pack of these useful and handy clips for only $5

There are literally a million uses for these clips.

These clips were a Must-Have for Ron and I when we ran our survival trips in the Sierra.  We used them for everything from helping hold up our Tube Tents to holding our drinking tubes on our chests while backpacking to using as a substitute button for a shirt or pants...there are so many uses for these clips. 

These clips are great for use with our Clear 2 Person Tube Tent located in "Other Items" section of our store!

10 Pack of Clips for only $5 (FREE Shipping on this item!!!)


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