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Buck/Hood THUG Blade

Buck/Hood THUG Blade
Name: Buck/Hood THUG Blade
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Buck/Hood THUG Blade

We are an Authorized Dealer of Buck Knives. 

This is the ONLY place you can get these signed by Karen and Jesse Hood.

Blade 7" drop point
Material 5160 Steel
Powder coated for corrosion resistance
Thickness 0.185"
Overall Length 13"
Weight 11.6 oz
Handle Removable Black Linen Micarta Handle Scales
Sheath  Heavy-duty Nylon, M.O.L.L.E. compatible with leg strap cord and front storage carry pouch
Features Handle has SMS (Shock Mitigation System), large forward finger choil and lanyard hole.  Handles can be removed and the SMS can be paracord wrapped to decrease in weight while adding another item to your survival tool! (paracord not included)

Foreign ORDERS: Please note:  If you are ordering this to a destination outside the USA additional shipping may apply and we will contact you about this.  Also please check with your country's customs regarding blades.  If a blade is confiscated by Customs for some reason we do NOT offer refunds for this item because they do NOT send it back to us and therefore we can not resell it. 


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