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L20 Hoodlum (LAST 20!)

L20 Hoodlum (LAST 20!)
Name: L20 Hoodlum (LAST 20!)
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L20 Hoodlum (LAST 20!) L20 Hoodlum (LAST 20!)

L20 Hoodlum Collector's Edition (Last 20!)

Well - it's that time! The end of the Buck Hoodlums. 
Once these HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE Hoodlums are sold, there will be no more like them!
(As of February 2018 - there are only a few left!  Once they are gone.....they are GONE!")

What you get:

L20 Hoodlum (pictured, serialized)

Blades are serialized. There are only 20. Etched on each blade will be 1 of 20, 2 of 20, and so on.

All blades come with beautiful Cocobolo LE Checkered Handles.

Special markings on these 20 blades that are unlike ANY other Hoodlum blades sold.

Comes with a sheath.

All boxes are autographed by Karen and Jesse Hood.

Autographed copy of our Survival Quarterly Magazine "Knifemaking" Issue #10 "Modern and Primitive Knife and Toolmaking"

Signed Certificate of Authenticity from Buck Knives, Karen and Jesse Hood

DVD - Ron Hood Explains to you the features of the Hoodlum and how to use it. 

Will be in stock in a week. Order now to secure your L20 Collector Hoodlum!


These funds are going towards Jesse Hood's College Fund.  

These blades are expected to go up in value considerably once they are purchased. 
This is a must have for any Buck Knife/ Ron Hood collector!

** periodically we have store wide sales.  This item will not ever be lowered in price.  Some of our customers wait to see when it will go on sale.  This will not be on sale ever.  Just FYI. 

BUY YOURS TODAY!  Once they are gone.....they are GONE for good!!

$495 plus shipping


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