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Survival Basics 1&2 Combo DVD

Survival Basics 1&2 Combo DVD
Name: Survival Basics 1&2 Combo DVD
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OVER 2 HOURS of basic survival information in this DVD compilation!

Skills found in this set are scenes taken from the full Woodsmaster and Cave Cooking Videos. This is an "overview" or "sampler" video. If you already have any of the Woodsmaster volumes 1 - 5 or Cave Cooking Vol 1 you should continue to purchase the full volumes. If you want to know what you'll see in the videos, this is a good place to start. This is also an excellent video for introducing skills to scouts, families or class room study

Covers parts of Shelter and Priorities(vol 2), Firemaking(Vol 1), Survival kits(vol 3), Navigation(vol 4) and Traps and Trapping(vol 5) also parts of Cave Cooking vol 1 "In the Field." This video is great introduction to our series




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