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Vinyl Zip Top Bags

Vinyl Bags (Scroll down for Prices!!!)
Name: Vinyl Bags (Scroll down for Prices!!!)
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These Vinyl bags are just the thing to carry your Mini Kit or other survival gear. Tough 8 mil waterproof with a resealable closure will resist tears and punctures. Comes complete with a hang hole to keep it tied to your body, pack or canoe. These are the toughest bags we carry!

2 sizes
Cost: Small 3X5 inch $1.50 ea, 5 for $7.00
Large 6X9 inch $2.00 ea, 5 for $9.00
(Please specify Vinyl when ordering!)
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Small 3X5 Vinyl Bag:

Small 5 pack Vinyl Bag:

Large 6X9 inch Vinyl Bag:

Large 5 pack Vinyl Bag:


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