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  Woodsmaster Vol 19 - Bronze II
WM Vol 13 - Desert Survival
Woodsmaster Vol 20 - Bronze III
SQ Issue #7 Weapons: Primitive and Modern
WM Vol 5 Traps and Trapping
Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods: Camping Basics
WM Vol 1 Spark Based Firemaking DVD
WM Vol 3 Survival Kits
WM Vol 2 Shelter and Priorities
WM 11 - Solo Survival Skills
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Survival Quarterly Magazine
Order Single Magazines or Gift Sets Here!

This magazine is a little different than most because it is not available in a subscription. 
It is published 4 times a year and if you order with our store and sign up as a registered user you will be automatically entered into our database and will automatically receive email announcements when a new magazine is available! 

We are selling these much like we do our DVD series. We sell them individually or in a gift set.  These magazines contain some of the most comprehensive survival and self sustaining information available in this industry! 

Get the word out if you like the magazine!  Our business was built on word of mouth!  Thank you to all of our loyal customers and loyal writers for making Survival Quarterly such a success!

New! Buy the e-mag for $4.95 each here at Zinio:


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