Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your videos available in PAL or SECAM versions?

Sorry no. Our videos are available in the American format NTSC only. Fortunately many folks in Europe and around the world have multi-format VCR's that can play our tapes without difficulty. You should check to see if you have one of these decks before playing.

Will your DVD's play in Europe?

Yes but once again they are in NTSC format which means that they should play fine on any computer DVD player but might not play on set top players.

What if I need more information about a topic in the Videos?

You are invited to join our FREE online forum at 

where hundreds of our customers convene to ask questions, give answers and share thoughts with like minded friends. The forum is free but you must register to gain posting access.

Do you have special discount programs?

Yes. For a small annual fee on the forum you become a Foundation Member which entitles you to a 10% discount on most of the items in this store. Simply look in the "Product Categories" on the upper left of the page for "Other Stuff", click that and you will see an annual membership in the foundation.
What is your replacement Return Policy?
30 Day DVD replacement on same item or refund on duplicate orders only

We do not accept returns, but we will replace for the same item ordered within  30 days  if it is defective in any way. We will not issue refunds except on duplicate orders only because of the problems with people copying and then returning products. This is a standard policy for most video producers and sellers.

Before you call for replacement for any DVD, we will need you to try the DVD in a different machine than the one you are using.   99% of the time it is a problem specific to the machine being used to view the DVD-R.  We need to rule out that it is not your machine before we replace. If we have not ruled out your machine as the problem, then chances are the replacement disk will act the same way once you get it and we will be no further in getting you to view the DVD.  So PLEASE check the disk on a different machine before calling or emailing us for a replacement.
For replacements please email us at and we will give you instructions at that time.  Or call us directly at (208) 665-5537 and  please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you immediately.

Please check and view all DVD’s as soon as you receive them from us.
When playing DVD’s, please keep in mind that our DVD’s are made in DVD-R format which are different than the DVD’s made by the major Motion Picture studios. 
Most of the newer DVD players do play DVD-R’s please check your DVD Player Manual
The information we need in order to replace is:
Full name the order was placed under
Invoice # or date you ordered from us
Item to replace and description of what is wrong.
If any of this information is missing it will delay your replacement.