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WoodsMaster, Cave Cooking and Urban Master instructional video series

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Survival Quarterly Magazine

With some of the best writers in the industry, Survival Quarterly Magazine is a wealth of survival knowledge, written by people who have time and experience in their respective fields.

Survival Quarterly Magazine
Ron Hood

Legacy of Ron Hood

We are very sad to have to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of a great man, Ron Hood on June 22, 2011. Ron was born on the early morning of Jan 13, 1944 to Delos and Lucille Hood. Ron spent 2 tours in Vietnam with the intelligence community Army Security Agency (ASA). After his 4 years of military service ('64-'67) he completed his MS and his Doctoral studies at Pepperdine and for over 20 years taught accredited classes in wilderness skills at UCLA, Cal State Northridge and trained the military. He has authored numerous articles for national magazines and published a guide book to the Sierra Nevada of California. Ron has been featured in dozens of TV programs, including Johnny Carson Show, Dinah Shore Show, Backpacker Magazine's Show 'Any Place Wild', Mythbusters, Ultimate Survival, as well as many others. He recently completed a Pilot Episode (TV show) show with GRB Entertainment.

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