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SQ Issue #9 - Tracking: Man & Animal

SQ Issue #9 - Tracking: Man & Animal
Name: SQ Issue #9 - Tracking: Man & Animal
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Survival Quarterly Magazine
 Issue #9

"Tracking: Man & Animal"

This issue is just filled with much info on Tracking... and then some....

Topics In This Issue:
  • Observation as a Tracking Skill
  • The Combative Mindset
  • Animal Tracking Basics
  • Tracking A-Z (man and animal)
  • Basic Visual Tracking Awareness (mantracking)
  • Self-Rescue Tracking
  • Sub Caliber Trainers
  • Man Tracking - A Law Enforcement Perspective
  • Couger Tracking
  • Recipes for the Trail
  • Tales from the Trail
  • and much, much more..........

This is a must have issue for anyone who is interested in increasing your repertoire of survival skills!
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