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  Woodsmaster Vol 19 - Bronze II
WM Vol 13 - Desert Survival
Woodsmaster Vol 20 - Bronze III
SQ Issue #7 Weapons: Primitive and Modern
WM Vol 5 Traps and Trapping
Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods: Camping Basics
WM Vol 1 Spark Based Firemaking DVD
WM Vol 3 Survival Kits
WM Vol 2 Shelter and Priorities
WM 11 - Solo Survival Skills
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UrbanMaster Videos

Skills for surviving in the Urban Jungle!

If you want to survive, you need to have the skills to survive in every environment you find yourself in. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the Urban environment either at home, on the road or in between. This series will deal with the unique challenges inherent in each locale.

Learn the skills to survive earthquakes and other disasters....

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