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UrbanMaster Vol 2 - Away from Home

UrbanMaster Vol 2 - Away from Home
Name: UrbanMaster Vol 2 - Away from Home
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You're "Away from Home" and you don?t want problems...

What do you do?

Help you and your family prepare for Earthquake and other disasters.....In this second volume of the Urban Master series you?ll learn so many tricks, tips and techniques for Urban Survival that you?ll wonder why you?re still alive!

This DVD is designed to meet the needs of travelers, both business and vacation as well as deal with topics related to survival in emergencies when you are away from home. Filmed in the US and Romania it is chock full of essential information. There are too many topics to list here but here?s a sample?

You?ll learn about: hotel safety, anti theft tricks, fire safety and gear and hazard identification. We?ll discuss privacy issues including spy cams, spy cam detectors and field expedient camera detection. Learn about flu and pandemic precautions, how to hide your personal survival gear, the ScottEVest hidden carrier systems. You?ll learn how to blend into any population. See safety tips for women and kids, MRE tips and tricks with the MRE heater. Learn about Bug Out Bags, their contents and the philosophy behind them as well as some firearms for personal defense.

You cannot afford to be without this video, not if you want to survive earthquakes or other disasters while away from home?

1 hour 50 min. 



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