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WM Vol 14 - Crafts for the Field

WM Vol 14 - Crafts for the Field
Name: WM Vol 14 - Crafts for the Field
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Crafts for the Field

"Crafts for the Field" covers some of the skills we get asked about most . This video investigates the thermoplastic called Kydex and how to mold and use it. It shows you how to cover a Kydex sheath (one you already own or one you make following the video instructions) with leather to give the sheath that Woodsmaster look without losing the safety of Kydex.

The video shows you how to make a small concealed carry holster from kydex, how to make leather buttons, a ditty bag, and a special Woodsmaster fingerless glove. Along the way you will learn a bunch of special Woodsmaster tricks and techniques. The skills in this video can save you much more than the cost of the video AND give you the skills you need to make your own gear for the field.  It?s a stunner and fun to watch as well!  (1 hour and 45 minutes)


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