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Woodsmaster Vol 20 - Bronze III

Woodsmaster Vol 20 - Bronze III
Name: Woodsmaster Vol 20 - Bronze III
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Woodsmaster Vol 20 – Bronze III “The final Steps”

In this 3rd Bronze DVD, Ron teaches you the final steps to starting your own foundry business or hobby!


Join Ron Hood and let him teach you all about………

·         Making Green Sand

·         Importance of “Riddling”

·         Making a Frame or “Flask”

·         Making an indexing key

·         Using an Electric Kiln as a Furnace

·         What is a “cone” used for?

·         Why the magnet is your friend.

·         Low cost or free sources for Brass and Bronze

·         How to cast fragile items in plaster

·         How to make a wax impression

·         Watch 2 actual molten Bronze pours and see how it’s done!

·       Ron shows you the tips and tricks to:

·       Use microwave in casting

·       Re-use your plaster,

·       Help your plaster molds with Borax,

·       Re-use your bronze shavings,

·       Turn your pour “failures” into cool successes! 

You get all these skills and much, much more up-close, detailed instruction to complete your Bronze Casting Lessons so you can start your own Bronze Casting business and start making money TODAY!

You get 1 hour and 49 minutes of up-close, in-depth instruction for $19.95 plus shipping.



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