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Woodsmaster Vol 19 - Bronze II

Woodsmaster Vol 19 - Bronze II
Name: Woodsmaster Vol 19 - Bronze II
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Woodsmaster Vol 19 - BRONZE II - "The Home Foundry"
The newest volume of the Woodsmaster is availabe for pre-sale now!
Scheduled to ship by Friday, December 19th.  Just in time for Christmas!
This is the companion DVD to Woodsmaster Vol 18 - Bronze (released in October 2008)
In this volume of the Woodsmaster, Ron teaches you to begin building the materials you need to start your own foundry business or hobby!
Topics covered:
  • Setting up your home foundry. 
  • Intro to Sandcasting.
  • Setting up Foundry area.
  • Safety precautions. 
  • Building a propane burner and how to test it.
  • Precautions for burner.
  • How to make castable refractory cement.
  • Building an adapatble Flower-Pot furnace.
  • Fllower Pot Furnace with propane.
  • Flower Pot Furnace with charcoal
  • And of course dozens of close up tips and techniques to get you started!
2 HOURS of up-close, in-depth instruction for $19.95 plus shipping.
Order your copy today for Christmas Delivery!
---In Bronze III (due out in March of 2008) Ron will be going into details of casting with the home foundry) Bronze will be a 3 part series.---


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