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Compressed Survival Towel

Survival Towel
Name: Survival Towel
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Compressed Survival Towel

This towel is compressed so small that it will easily fit into your mini kit.  Each towel is compressed for easy storage.  Just place in water and watch it grow!   Get one for everyone in your family and for every get up and go bag you have!  These make neat presents and stocking stuffers too!  Everyone can always use a towel!

The Hoods keep one towel in every kit they have!!!

Each Survival Towel is made of a compressed 12x12 100% cotton towel.

Each towel compressed much smaller than an altoids tin.

Assorted styles and colors.

$2.50 each or 5 for $10

1 Towel for $2.50:

5 Pack Towels:


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