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Karen Hoods Very own Cook Book!!

Years in the compiling!!

Learn Cave Cooking NOW!

The Cave cooking Cook Book
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Name: The Cave cooking Cook Book
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Karen Hood has spent years hiking and more years cooking. With all this experience and hundreds of friends to help out, Karen has compiled this unusual recipe book. With foods to cook at home, on the trail and for the fun of it you will find this book to be a great kitchen aid, a good time and a fantastic resource.

These recipes have all undergone rigorous testing in the woods and at the table!

Some of the foods might seem a bit adventurous but the fact is, they are great fun as well as a great feed... Most of the food is just down home goodness.

Over 200 Scrumptious Recipes!!


Karen Hood has spent two decades feeding her family and helping her husband Ron Hood teach and survive the wilderness. Best known for her video series "Cave Cooking" and for her articles in "Survival Quarterly" and other magazines, Karen is an epicure of the most interesting sort.

This is a downloadable book.  Once you place your order for it you will be sent instructions on how to download the book.


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