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Ron Hood: Special Edition Tribute

Ron Hood: Special Edition Tribute
Name: Ron Hood: Special Edition Tribute
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Special Edition Tribute to Ron Hood

Limited Edition: Collectors Edition

Survival Quarterly Magazine

Special Limited Edition of Survival Quarterly Magazine - IN STOCK NOW!!

This issue is a stand-alone issue and there are only a limited number available for purchase. 

Help celebrate Ron's life and legacy. 
Read stories from Ron's life from Karen, Jesse, Family members and friends and other professionals in the industry.  You will get a glimpse into Ron's world. This Tribute Issue will allow you to see what a truly unique and inspiring person Ron was.

In this issue we share private stories about Ron as well as never seen before pictures of the Hoods. 

Remember there are only a limited number of these issues available so get your order in before we sell out.....

This issue is NOT included in any subscriptions.  If we owe you any issues to fulfill your subscriptions - you will receive our next issue #5 around Feb 2012.


$14.95 (includes shipping) to US Destinations

$24.95 (includes shipping) to Outside US

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