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Wm Vol 9 Primitive Knifemaking

Wm Vol 9 Primitive Knifemaking
Name: Wm Vol 9 Primitive Knifemaking
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Volume 9 - Primitive Knifemaking  (TELLY AWARD WINNER!)

Ron Hood takes you to Arizona to meet two of the leading knife makers in the Neo-Tribal Metalsmiths. Tai Goo and Tim Lively reveal the secrets of materials selection, forge building, tools, techniques and tempering so you can make your own terrific tools or blades at home or in the field. You will learn that you don?t need electricity, power tools or boat loads of money to make beautiful, functional and durable knives or other metal pieces. You will see that you can build a forge in your own back yard and you don?t need Thor?s arms to hammer hot steel. This video is so good we?ve had several students start their own business after watching this video! It?s all in the technique? Learn it here! (95 Min)



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