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  Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods: Camping Basics
ULTIMATE Survival Guide DVD (Ron and Karen Hood)
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Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods: Camping Basics

Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods: Camping Basics
Name: Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods: Camping Basics
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Join Ron, Karen and Jesse Hood and their friends as they pack into the woods and bring you along!  Ron has been leading trips into the mountains for years for Major Universities, Military, Government, corporate  and private trips.  Now you can come along with him and learn the basics. If you are new to backpacking or an old hand this is an adventure you?ll be talking about for years. Not only is this video informative, it is FUN to watch and you will wish you were there with them!  Some of what is covered:


         Trail organization

         The trail head

         Pack selection

         Stitching: the good the bad and the ugly

         What makes a proper boot pick ? you?d be surprised!

         How to pack your pack so it is balanced: with detailed demonstration

         Down vs. Synthetic sleeping bags an overview

         Compression sacks

         Cooking tips

         Tents and a shelter emergency!

         GPS and ?Find me? units and how they can save your life

         Electronics tips

         Packing safety with kids

         Kids safety lecture and precautions

         Bears and food safety

         Taboo Topics: Taking a C**P in the woods and other topics EVERYONE wants to know about but are afraid to ask?.

o   (frank discussion ? about what you see on regular comedy TV)

o   Ladies CAN pee standing up

o   Ladies?  Aunt Flo visiting??  What to do in the wilderness?

         Packing with your Pooch

         Packs for children

         Camp tricks

         Water purification

         Gear resources

And so much more we don?t have room to list it all. 


 Of course, as usual, there are many more up-close tips and techniques that are covered that will help you to get ready for your camping trip.  Once you see this DVD, you?ll want to start getting ready for your outdoor experience! Not only is this video informative, it is FUN to watch and you will wish you were there with us!  Even as an experienced backpacker, you WILL learn A LOT from this DVD.  This is a Must Have DVD for any person or family who ventures out into the woods! This is part one of our new Camping series in which we will drill down to topics you never dreamed of or always wanted to learn about!

This DVD is over an hour and a half of jam-packed, up-close instruction that you will not get anywhere else unless you go up in the mountains in person with us!




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