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CC 2 - Dutch and Solar Ovens

CC 2  - Dutch and Solar Ovens
Name: CC 2 - Dutch and Solar Ovens
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Karen Hood gives the phrase ?Wanna go Dutch??

NEW meaning in Cave Cooking Two!

In this second volume of the Cave Cooking series, Karen Hood teaches you important cooking methods for home and camp. You?ll learn about the ?Dutch? oven, the types, the uses, how to how to "season"  it for use and how to care for it . You?ll also learn some great recipes! You'll drool over the Pot Roast steaming with browned potatoes and thick gravy, you'll groan when you see how easy it is to cook a great breakfast with a Dutch, your arteries will thicken when you see her make DONUTS and then you'll moan when she serves up her famous rat stew... uhhh errr? Well, why not?

Ever heard about SOLAR cooking? You?ll see the three basic types of solar cookers and how to make and use them. Solar Cookers are great non polluting cookers that are efficient and entertaining to use. Not only that but they are a real eye-opener. These things are used to cook the daily meals all around the globe.

You might not think this sounds like "survival cooking" but? think again. If you have no power... how do you bake, roast or cook with the greatest versatility? Or?If your name is on the line as the Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer in your home? This is the sort of information that will make you a legend. How?   Ever hear folks say ?My mom used to cook with a Dutch oven?? Well, they say that because ?Dutch? cooking is becoming lost in the land of microwaves and processed foods. Find that skill and bring ?Dutch? into your home.... from then on you will always want to go Dutch! (73 minutes!)

There is much, much more... this is just a

little preview of the DVD!



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