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CC5 Primitive Cooking

CC5 Primitive Cooking
Name: CC5 Primitive Cooking
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Cave Cooking Vol 5 Buffalo Butchers: Primitive Cooking approx. 1 hr 15 min. + Karen Hood takes you to Salmon, Idaho to meet with professional Abo cooker Denyce Bigley of Salmon Outdoor School. Follow Denyce through the steps the American Indians would have taken to prepare and use an entire buffalo for food. Learn all the steps to make a Native American meat perservation rack and how to smoke meat using it. Learn how to use the Buffalo's stomache as a cooking vessel the ancient way. Learn how to cook Buffalo Stew using hot rocks, how to cook fish using bark and clay, how to utilize the intestines for traditional Buffalo Sausage. Learn about some wild edibles the Native Americans would have used in cooking. See how to use those wild edibles to make a delicious and nutritious hot tea. All this and much more in this stunner of a DVD! This title is a companion to our Woodsmaster Vol 16 - Buffalo Butcher: Meat and Materials from Large Game with Ron Hood.
25 Chapters 1 hour 15 minutes


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