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CC 3 - Food, Frocks and Fat

CC 3 - Food, Frocks and Fat
Name: CC 3 - Food, Frocks and Fat
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In this volume of Cave Cooking, Karen Hood flies you into Idaho?s outback to show you some of the coolest chow, cooking tricks and gear you?ve seen yet.

Before she takes off for the outback, you settle down to learn how to cut and assemble a buckskin rifleman?s frock, you make tallow from waste fat, real pemmican with dried beef, tallow candles and other cool things. Back in Idaho?s ?River of no return wilderness? Karen will teach you how to put your wilderness cooking skills together. You?ll learn how to combine pemmican, bannock (Instructions included) and wild thistle to make a delicious and nutritious meal. You?ll also learn how to make wilderness pizza, stick bread and some special tricks about creating cooking gear from trash and more! For the Fungi aware, Karen also shows you how to prepare Morels for a delicious wilderness treat (don?t use this DVD to identify these mushrooms? You need competent field instructions to properly identify ANY mushrooms!)

If you are a backpacker or wilderness wanderer the information and tricks in this DVD will make your trek lighter and more enjoyable than ever. We know you?ll get a kick out of this interesting, entertaining and informative DVD! (70 minutes and 30 chapters)



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