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WM Vol 13 - Desert Survival

WM Vol 13 - Desert Survival
Name: WM Vol 13 - Desert Survival
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Hot times a’ foot!

In this volume of the Woodsmaster we traveled to deserts ranging from the California Mojave Desert to the Bruneau Desert of Idaho to the beautiful desert mesas of Utah’s Moab. During the course of our travels we were able to capture the essential skills of on-the-ground desert survival. During the 1 hour and 40 minutes of this great video you will learn the essentials of water location, desert travel, desert shelter, Physiological effects, clothing and protection.

You will see first hand the process of constructing a "solar still" and a "transpiration still" and be able to decide for yourself if these techniques are worth the effort. You will also learn about some of those "movie skills" seen on popular programs... Is it cool to take off your shirt in the desert? Find out...

 1 hour and 40 minutes of hot instruction... It was really hot!




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