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Woodsmaster Gloves

Woodsmaster Gloves
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Name: Woodsmaster Gloves
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Woodsmaster Gloves

 You've seen how useful these gloves are in  Ron's DVD's.  Now you can own a pair for yourself. 

  • Protect the palms of your hands while leaving your fingers free for fine work
  • Great for use for lithic arts and carving
  • Awesome for fire making
  • Protect your palms from your walking stick
  • Protect your hands from ropes and cordage while leaving your fingers free to tie knots.
  • Protect you from cuts while you are carving.
  • You've seen these gloves in almost all of our DVD's.
  • Introductory price will not last long.  Get yours today!
+++++++As of July 2011 - we are having these gloves hand made for us so if you order this item with other items, it will most likely ship separately as we are waiting for our special order for these gloves to be finished. +++++++++++++++

Made specially for SURVIVAL.COM:
Sizes: Small and Large

Women - order Small
Large fits most men's hands.
(The only difference between the small and large is the diameter of the holes your fingers fit into.)

  • 3.5 oz. pearl grey split leather
  • Quilted leather patch on the palm
  • Velcro® closure at back of the wrist





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